Using Sprite

Sprite is simple to use: just press the buttons in the following order:

Select an image... Press this button to select an image to use. Images should be reasonably small. The larger the image the longer it will take Sprite to process the image, and the resulting formulas will take longer to load into Ultra Fractal. Images should be in RGB Color format (in Photoshop you can ensure this is so by selecting Image|Mode|RGB Color). Sprite tries to create the smallest and most efficient formula possible and to do this it needs to remember every different color in an image. If you get "Out Of Memory" errors when using Sprite try reducing the number of colors in the image. One way of doing this is to convert the image to Indexed Color mode and then back to RGB Color.
Select a template... Press this button to select a template. The template determines what type of formula will be created by Sprite. A few templates are supplied with the program: you'll find them in the installation folder. Once you select a template you wont need to press this button again until you want to change templates.
Name the formula... Press this button to name the formula that will be created. A name is created automatically when you load an image, but you might want to change it.
Select a formula file... Select a formula file... Select a formula file... Press this button to select or create a formula file to put the formula in. The icon shown will depend on the template and it lets you know what sort of formula will be created. In the order shown they are Coloring Algorithm, Fractal Formula and Transformation. The first time you use this button you should navigate to your formula folder (the path is usually My Documents\Ultra Fractal X\Formulas, where X is the version of Ultra Fractal that you have). You can select an existing formula file or create a new one by typing a name for it in the "File name" field of the Select Formula File dialog.*

Finally, press the Create button and wait for Sprite to process the image and write the formula. When it's finished you can run Ultra Fractal and look at the result.

* There's bug that causes "Select Coloring File" to be displayed in this dialog whatever formula type is being created.